circuit board close up
Company Information

Cetek was formed in 2001 by 4 electrical engineers with a combined industrial experience of 65 years.

In 2006 we entered into a relationship with Kone Elevator to supply elevator controllers. Our business has grown with the introduction of the Cetek FlexTM line of controllers.

Recently we moved to a new location to give improved service and capabilities to our customers.

Expertise in:
  • Embedded micro-controller implementation
  • Circuit board design
  • Electrical Control Design
  • PLC systems
  • Motion control
  • Specialized interfaces
  • Drive systems
  • PC Based System Design
  • Project management

This expertise has been gained from a broad range of projects involving many large companies from around the world including Alcoa, Allen Bradley, General Electric, Kraft, Kone and Musco Lighting.