Cetek’s focus in the Elevator and Escalator Industry is as a supplier of replacement components for obsolete drives and other specialty and safety products needed in the industry. We will continue to fully support all Cetek controllers in service to industry standards including replacement parts, programming, and technical support, and we will maintain ongoing support for other controller products as we have in the past. This will allow us to continue to utilize the wide range of experience Cetek personnel have in the vertical transportation industry.

Do you have an Obsolete Drive in a Miprom Controller?

Cetek Drive Replacement Panels

  • Drop in replacement Drive Panels for any AC or DC drive
  • No software changes necessary
  • Complimentary installation phone support by knowledgeable Cetek technicians
  • Full Documentation Package Included with every purchase
  • Economical Spare Parts readily available through Cetek, in addition to the OEM for purchased components (drives, transformers, contactors etc)

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Cetek P.I. Converter Board – Vacuum Fluorescent to Binary


Replace Montgomery Elevator Vacuum Fluorescent Position Indicators with industry standard binary P.I. units.

When you want to update your fixtures to provide a new style position indicator you can use the CETEK converter board to translate the serial code from the controller into a binary signal that is compatible with most commercial devices.

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