Cetek Personnel


Customer Commitment – We understand that we must earn the trust and commitment of our customers, one at a time, by providing products and services that address your individual requirements. Our Cetek Team stands ready to assist you. Contact one of our members for information or support.


General Assistance


Monica LaRoque – ext 211,

Monica can assist you with general enquiries, parts orders, shipping and billing questions, and will get you connected to the person who can help you best.


Industrial Automation and Embedded Systems


Matt Jones – ext 202 Matt.Jones@cetekinc.com


Rick Kilcoin – ext 201 Rick.Kilcoin@cetekinc.com


Larry Prohaska – 319-290-3910 Larry.Prohaska@cetekinc.com

Matt, Rick and Larry are available to discuss your needs involving services and projects for Industrial Automation and Embedded Systems.


Mechanical Engineer Design, Drafting and Project Support


Tim McDermott – ext 203 Tim.McDermott@cetekinc.com



Elevator & Escalator Products


John Bril – ext 210 John.Bril@cetekinc.com

John will provide you with complete information on our elevator products, including pricing and quotations.


Technical Support – Elevator Controls


Matt Hauser – ext 206 Matt.Hauser@cetekinc.com


Brian Clemensen – ext 207 Brian.Clemensen@cetekinc.com

Contact Matt and Brian for you first line of support on the Cetek FLEX product line.


Manufacturing and Logistics


Jeremy Borden – ext 204 Jeremy.Borden@cetekinc.com

For questions regarding your orders, delivery schedules and for ordering spare parts contact Jeremy.